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73 % of marketers believe that social media marketing is effective for their businesses.
Be it Small or Big, we keep your Social platform in rage by creating promotions and propagandas.

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Why should a business go for Social Media Marketing against traditional Marketing?

Personal Interaction and Individual followers are the secrets of SMM, which are absent in traditional marketing. In this modern digital era, a frank and open discussion on an online social forum help modern digital marketers detect buying signals effectively.

From Pocket Diaries to Mobile Phones and from Writing pads to Laptops, we are in the pursuit of constantly engaging ourselves with the world outside through these electronic devices. With over 66.79 % percentage of the population owning a mobile device, 63.2 % of the world’s population, and over 90 % of North Americans using internet and technology, the organic traffic in websites and online networks have shot up. Hence, you go missing if you are unseen on Social Networks.

Formative Labz, through our expertrised SMM strategies, enable healthy interactions between businesses and their consumers, and help them build poised online business communities. We make way for social media listening and engagement, social media analytics and social media advertising. We give you creative content to elevate your; Likes, Blogs, Reposts, Re-tweets, Comments, via social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, My Space, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc. With every re-tweet, every comment and every like, you keep pushing yourself limitlessly to more and more audience.

We are one of the best lead generators in the market.

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