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CEO's Desk

Message from the CEO’s Desk – S. Vijayachandran Nair

Greetings to all

New thoughts and New Ideas like None Other and Never Before- To be the best is our Destiny!

Formative Labz, the Digital Marketing Service Provider, is my master piece venture and is one of its kind. After long years of in-depth market research & analysis and adaptation of top class, creative, technical know- how marketing promotions from every sphere of the globe; Formative labz has finally mushroomed and has taken a distinctive and strong form.

With a multidisciplinary approach and a fresh beam of energy in this creative platform, I would never want to leave any opportunity unleashed. With my unconventional and critical self-abilities to read between the lines, I believe to execute smart business solutions for you at the best price with the best output.

Each instant that you work with us, we would certainly surprise you with our deliverables. Through our handsome work, we will genuinely make you acknowledge that we are the best. I can promise that you will feel wanted through our Marketing!

On your Mark, Get Digital, Go Digital.

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